WingWing Chicken Fries

The Ultimate Krispy Chicken with attitude

If you’re a fan of online casino gaming while enjoying WingWing’s mouth-watering crispy chicken wings and drumsticks, but you’re stuck in an unpleasant situation due to Gamstop restrictions, you might be wondering how to cancel Gamstop and get back to your favorite recreation. Fortunately, it is possible to cancel Gamstop by contacting their support team and following the necessary steps. And once you’ve successfully gone through the Gamstop cancellation process and regained control of your gambling, you can once again enjoy the great culinary experience that WingWing has to offer while playing online casino. Whether you’ve been missing unique licorice-flavored wings or mouth-watering soy garlic and spicy options, WingWing has you covered. In addition to delicious chicken wings and drumsticks, you can explore a diverse menu that includes delicious chicken burgers and kimchi salad to satisfy your cravings. So, as you enjoy your return to online casino gaming and enjoy the tantalizing flavors of WingWing’s dishes, remember that it is very important to maintain a healthy balance between gaming and enjoying your favorite culinary masterpieces.

WingWing with its origins in Asia and influences of the New York street food scene, is now in London.

Wing Wing, the beloved restaurant renowned for its delectable chicken dishes, has become a favored destination for online casino players seeking a satisfying and flavorful meal. Our signature chicken offerings have struck a chord with this discerning group of patrons, adding a delightful culinary dimension to their gaming experiences. At Wing Wing, our commitment to crafting the perfect chicken has earned us a special place in the hearts and palates of our customers. Whether it’s our crispy fried chicken, succulent wings, or mouthwatering sauces, we take pride in delivering an exceptional dining experience that resonates with flavor and quality. Online casino players, who often indulge in lengthy gaming sessions at, appreciate the convenience and satisfaction of our chicken offerings. Our menu caters to diverse preferences, ensuring that every patron can find their ideal chicken dish. From classic flavors to bold and innovative twists, we offer a range of choices to tantalize taste buds.

WingWing Chicken Wings

We’re different hand-brushed with glory!

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As opposed to american style wings, we don’t drench and hide our wings in sauce. Our hand-crafted pieces of chicken are individually brushed, on display, right in front of our customers, with our special glaze. Our soy garlic, hot and liquorice glazes are created using the finest ingredients and do not contain any MSG.
Those in the know, asks for double-brush!

In the bustling city of Seattle, sports fans have plenty to enjoy as the latest Seattle sports news brings a wave of excitement to the local scene. While fans look forward to the upcoming Seahawks and Sounders matchups, they can’t resist indulging in some delicious food during the games. WingWing offers a great selection of crispy chicken wings and drumsticks that appeal to the palates of fans and foodies alike. With flavors ranging from unique licorice sauce to classic soy garlic and fiery spicy options, there’s something for everyone as they cheer on their favorite teams. It’s the perfect place to refuel before or after an action-packed game, making it a top choice for those craving both exciting sports moments and delicious, flavorful chicken bites. So sports fans can bond over their shared passion for the latest Seattle sports news and enjoy mouth-watering deals at WingWing.
WingWing Fried Chicken

Farm raised chicken. Always fresh, never frozen! Halal

Our Krispy chicken recipe is almost batter free and are cooked at high temperature to ensure that it’s not only the “crispiest in the business” but probably the “healthiest” and most definitely “the most addictive”

Wing Wing, the acclaimed restaurant celebrated for its mouthwatering chicken creations, has become a cherished destination for betting enthusiasts seeking a delightful and satisfying dining experiencewhile reading Guide to Betting on the 2023 English Premier League Season. Among our diverse menu offerings, it’s the Krispy Chicken that has captured the hearts and palates of these discerning patrons, adding a delightful twist to their betting adventures. For betting enthusiasts, who often find themselves engrossed in the thrill of their gaming pursuits, our Krispy Chicken provides the ideal culinary companion. Its savory goodness offers a tantalizing break from the gaming excitement, allowing patrons to savor moments of culinary indulgence and relaxation.

The convenience and accessibility of Wing Wing further add to its appeal. Betting enthusiasts can easily order our delectable Krispy Chicken for dine-in or takeout, ensuring that they can enjoy its savory delights without missing a moment of their gaming excitement.

Chicken Platter

A young, vibrant and Quality driven concept

With an outstanding product quality that currently doesn’t exist in the UK today. We are to chicken what Shake Shack is to Hamburgers!

WingWing Chicken Eating

We attract not only the cool and trendy but also the extended family

Appealing to a cross section of the community from office workers and local residents to hotel guests and tourists. Our asian roots will appeal to the diverse cultural population of the area. We are ideal for professionals, families and students. Our karaoke rooms & music bingo nights engage and adds a unique social element that few can match

WingWing Posters

We’re confident but not cocky

We’re not afraid to say it like it is. No one does wings like WingWing. We’re high energy with a visual impact. We are to chicken what Shake Shack is to burgers.

Visual Feel

Our Look & Feel

Out with the “disused warehouse look” and in with the “light bright and vibrant colours which are fun and reflective of the asian modern trends”


WingWing, 30 Woburn Place, WC1H 0JR


47-49 Charing Cross Road, West End, WC2H 0AN

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KINGSTON UPON THAMES The Rotunda, Level 1 Kingston, KT1 1QJ

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