Did you know we have several meeting rooms and business menus in HAMMERSMITH?

You may know Wing Wing as a restaurant with tasty chicken wings, but did you know that we can help you with a lot more. We created several business options to make it way easier for you.

No place in the office or seeking for an inspiring place? We have various meeting rooms to suit your needs. The rooms are colourful, inspiring, hip and provided with everything you need. You can hire the room for free by sending an email to

Are you looking for a venue for a business party? We have private karaoke rooms with more than 18,000 different songs. You can hire the karaoke rooms for only £30 per hour and we also serve special menus for party people. Interested in the karaoke rooms or you need more information? Send an email to

Thinking about healthier or vegetarian options? Try our special menu.

Searching for big food orders or you need diner at the office? We created several menus especially for occasions like this. Check out our menus and give us a call.